Silver backed Heather studs

  • Silver backed Heather studs

In the words of Ruby Robin " These sweet eco resin studs were made using real pink heather flowers, gathered from the hillsides in West Cork and pressed before setting them carefully under a dome of crystal clear resin and sterling silver earring studs.

The crystal-clear resin brings the little flowers to life so they look like they are glowing in their bezels and all the delicate intricacies of the flowers are magnified. The petals are preserved inside and won't wilt or fade, these real floral earrings will a beautiful keepsake gift for any nature lover or gardener in your life, and would also make a lovely memento from the rugged countryside of the South of Ireland. Few flowers are more iconic of West Corks wilderness than the pinky purple blaze of heather across the mountains and hills on a hazy summers day."

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Dimensions: 10mm
Materials: Sterling silver and eco-resin
Notes: Please store away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures and remove before bathing.